Adults are addicted to Twitter and Facebook more

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Adults are addicted to Twitter and Facebook more

Twitter and Facebook are the sites that the teenagers will be interested in and are also more liked by the adults, reveals a survey. The study has revealed that about 85% which is a majority of adults visit the social networking websites such as Facebook and said that others are kind and other 5% says the opposite.

On contrast, only 69% of teenagers say that Facebook and Twitter users are kind and 20% say that they are unkind. The survey indicates that the teenagers are having a good time on the sites while the adults are enjoying themselves.

Pew Research Center carried out the phone survey among the American adults and has found that 68% of the users of social networks have experienced the feeling of being good and 61% have experienced that they are close to someone else. Many others claimed that they have experienced both of these.

Of these candidates, about 39% has seen others being generous and about 36% have seen people being helpful and generous. Even the unpleasant behavior is less by the adults as opposed to that of the teens. When compared with teens, the adults stand behind and they so not involve themselves on offensive behavior.

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