Brief Facebook Outage: Social Network Was Down Due to DNS Issue

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Facebook has offered to issue the statement for as site outage which lasted for 20 minutes on Sunday, December 10th. This however was only for the PC users and did not affect the people who accessed Facebook through their smartphones. The subsequent outage experienced by the Google users left everyone quizzing whether the issues where related.

Confusion existed for less than an hour till things were fine again with some user's saying the site was working well and other's finding an error. The consumer's soon realized that all is well with the mobile version of the site.

Brief Facebook Outage: Social Network Was Down Due to DNS Issue

The confusion happened because the site tried making changes to their DNS infrastructure and this resulted in some people being unable to access the site temporarily as said in a statement issued by the spokesperson of Facebook., a website which ensures a website is working or not sent in an interesting response when someone tried to log into Facebook. This basically stated does not look like a site.

The problem came out as the Gmail users found their emails down and it is said that it took almost 40 minutes for some users to get things right. Later in the day, Google issued a statement that there existed a problem with Gmail and it will be rectified soon. Google also apologized for the inconvenience caused to the users.

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