Criminals in jails across the world using Facebook to trouble people

Posted By: Rahul

Criminals in jails across the world using Facebook to trouble people

In a shocking trend, Facebook is being used by criminals across the world to trouble other people often by using derogatory words, scraps. This was observed in large numbers in the jails of the United Kingdom and various other countries of the world. Prisoners are resorting to use Facebook to taunt people(victims) and threaten them and their families all within the comfort of jails. This has led to closing down of Facebook profiles of such prisoners by the jail authorities.

Internet access for criminals is prohibited in all the jails across the world, but prisoners access internet through mobile phones which are smuggled in. Experts say that this fact comes as a big blow to Facebook which is already reeling under severe criticism in various countries.

One example which illustrates this shocking trend is a small boy jailed for murder posting pictures on Facebook showing him amongst dreaded criminals and dangerous weapons. This surely becomes disturbing for people to view. Jail authorities from jails across the world have reported various incidents of prisoners posting hate messages, revenge scraps on Facebook to threaten victims. This when continued will lead to Facebook becoming a haven for criminals and law breakers.

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