Do you tweet for long hours?

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Do you tweet for long hours?

Do you spend long hours tweeting? Avoid this as its unhealthy, claims a message from Twitter's boss. The creative director and co-founder of Twitter, the micro-blogging site, Biz Stone has told the 500 million users of the network not to spend hours together in tweeting as it is unhealthy.

He says that he will prefer them to visit the site frequently than sacrificing their life to it. The fans are insisted by him to use the network to find what they need and then go and continue their work.

The users have already complained that Twitter is too addictive making them stay logged in to it for almost 12 hours in a day. Stone says that the site seems to be unhealthy for him. He also added that he likes the kind of the engagement that helps users to find what they were looking for. It is interesting to see people learning something they is necessary for them.

Stone feels that this kind of engagement is what is needed and is healthier. Obviously he will want users to come to the site pretty often. He added that when the network was launched, it was expected to be a failure as no one liked it. As of his statement, it is clear than there is no idea to increase the length of tweets.

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