Effects of social media on the human brain

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Effects of social media on the human brain

Social Media today has become an essential part of our lives, according to a survey, about 95% of people across the globe use social media and are dependent on them. This encouraging factor also has a dark side behind it. A study has revealed that over dependance on the social media has some adverse effects on the human brain.

One simple illustration can be provided here, when we use twitter and post messages using it's 140 character shortened message format, our creativity becomes lesser and lesser as we tend to use only short-hand messages rather than creative messages.

Thus, according to the study, every time we use twitter to post status, updates, we tend to forget that our actual creativity is getting reduced. Not only twitter, this fact can be substantiated when all major social media sites are used as well.

Effects of social media on the human brain

One more ill-effect of social media on the human brain is the reduced levels of attention, concentration. The study has confirmed that the collective attention duration of people using social media is 5 seconds. This is alarming as a decade ago people used to be attentive for around 12 minutes at a stretch.

This reduced attention span can be attributed to the growing trend of social media. Thus, due to the above factors, the stress rate on the human brain increases and as a result, memory power weakens.

But, Scientists do not discourage people from using social media, instead they have come up with simple steps which users can follow and still retain and enhance their creativity. If these steps are followed, even high stress levels can be combated effectively.

The need of the hour is to use social media as a means of communication, rather than using it as an entertainment tool and over-dependance on social networking has to be sincerely reduced.

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