Facebook Holds 1 Trillion Connections: 1 Billion Users Have Uploaded 240 Billion Photos

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The Social Networking giant, Facebook, recently announced its user count to be one billion and now the next big number follows about 240 billion photos. The users of Facebook have uploaded 240 billion photos until now and also have created a whopping 1 trillion connections.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, disclosed the huge numbers during the announcement of his company's big "Graph Search." Graph Search is a private search engine launched by the company to enable users to find things shared by friends and family on Facebook.

Facebook: 1 Billion Users Have Uploaded 240 Billion Photos

The heavy user strength and vast data forced the company to make an announcement about Graph Search. All the data available in Facebook is hosted by the company and made accessible to individual users.

Graph Search is designed in a way to enable users make and establish new connections. The company said all the 240 billion photos including 1 Trillion connections will be indexed into the newly launched private search engine Graph Search. The contents which are shared with users can only be accessed by them. The users need not worry about their names appearing in someone else's searches.

The Graph Search, the private search engine, is in its initial stage now and has currently got only a few hundreds of users. There is great potential for growth considering the user strength of Facebook and the incredible data available in Facebook, such as the 240 billion photos. There is definitely no competition for Facebook in this capacity.

Facebook photos are limited at the moment and this would grow considerably once Facebook figures out a better way to include photos via mobile apps and merge Instagram. An average user now has 200 photos and over 1,000 connections which include page likes, friendships and more.

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