Facebook Activity Feed Updated, Will include Users Search History

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Facebook Activity Feed Updated, Will include Users Search History

Facebook Activity Log, which lets the users review and manage their activity on the social network has not a new update. Starting from September 21, in addition to the activity, users will be able to see the searches they are making on Facebook. In other words, users will be able to view searches made for finding their friends or relatives in their Activity Feed itself. 

The new feature will not be displayed publicly and users also have the option to disable the feature if not required. Activity Feed is a popular feature in Facebook allowing users to keep record of everything they do on Facebook, at the same time keeping it private. Users can also make it public if they permit the feed to do so. 

Facebook in their press note about the new feature stated that no other users will be able to view user’s private Activity Log, including user’s own search activity. Facebook seems to be favoring public posting as default for most of their features. 

However, users have the option to restrict activity feeds to be strictly private and disable them from public viewing. The company sources made it clear that users can do this with ease using a switch on/off option. 

Users can expect to enjoy this new feature in Facebook within a couple of weeks and can do the following functions to disable it. 

  • Tap the icon denoted as ‘x’ in the upper right-hand corner

  • Choose the option denoted as ‘Hide Similar Activity from Timeline’ 

Users are also now more careful as there are increasing reports on privacy of users being compromised on social media platforms like Facebook.

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