Facebook: An app to know who unfriends you

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Facebook: An app to know who unfriends you

In Facebook, everyday you might get friend requests and some of your already existing friends might unfriend you as well.

Now, with a new app you can find who has unfriended you on the social network. This new software can be installed in your internet browser irrespective of what it is.

The software is known as a Unfriend Finder and it alerts you when someone ignores or rejects your friend request. This app is absolutely available for free and it has so far been downloaded over 44 million times.

This script will work in the browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and also in Internet Explorer and you can see a red counter in the menu bar indicating '-1' when someone has unfriended you.

Facebook, the social network itself has no option to alert the users to when someone removes them from their friend lists.

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