Facebook apps leak your personal info

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Facebook apps leak your personal info

Users of social networks like Facebook are giving the companies the right to access their personal information by downloading the apps on these sites. While downloading the apps, users are providing the developers with their personal information.

Shockingly, 100 of the famous Facebook apps have revealed that they seek the email address, sexual preference and currently location along with the other details. This is not only with the application users but also their Facebook friends.

A specific Yahoo service that is powered by Facebook requests the access to the religious and political views of the users. This is the condition to use the service. Even the popular Skype service seeks the Facebook photos and the birthdays of the users and and of their friends.

Why personal info is needed?

Facebook offers a free service and users pay for these by giving their personal details about their activities, interests, friends and life. Facebook uses these information to attract the app makers, advertisers and for other business opportunities.

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