Facebook in Plans to Buy Microsoft's Atlas Ad Platform

By: Gizbot Bureau

Facebook is considering an entry to the online ad business in a serious way to give head to head competition to Google's successful ad-sense program. This got confirmed as Facebook has started discussion with Microsoft to acquire their Atlas ad platform. Experts believe that an ad platform like Atlas could help Facebook to launch an exclusive ad network just like Google's ad sense connecting advertisers and publishers in the digital world.

This is not the first time Facebook has shown serious inclination towards online ad business as a potential new revenue stream for them. There were some reports earlier of Facebook trying to share user's Facebook activities and online behavior attributes to third parties so as to serve contextually relevant ads to Facebook users.

Facebook in Plans to Buy Microsoft's Atlas Ad Platform

With this news of Facebook's plans to buy out Microsoft's Atlas ad platform coming out, it seems the company is getting closer to achieving its vision of offering their own ad network. They can start giving their own ads for getting displayed on third party websites just like how Google's ad-sense works.

Though there were some reports on Facebook trying to develop their own ad network, experts believe that it makes sense for them to buy one as it could save cost and also speed up the launch of online ad network.

Facebook's entry could open up the online ad market place as publishers will have one more ad network option coming to them and may see Google relaxing its norms of ad-sense approval and usage.

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