Facebook Could Soon Incorporate Hashtags Like Twitter

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Facebook is really stepping it up with its social network. The company has been in the spotlight for quite a while now, as constant new updates are being introduced more frequently. In the recent past, Zuckerberg's team announced that the news feed feature would be getting revamped and now, there is new about, yet another update. The social network will be introducing hashtag feature, similar to the one found in twitter, to help improve their search and indexing capabilities.

Facebook Could Soon Incorporate Hashtags Like Twitter

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hashtag symbol has been a trademark feature of twitter. It allows users to easily follow specific topics in an vast environment, where comments or posts, flow like water in the ocean. hashtag alongside a keyword compartmentalizes topics to enable easy group discussions and visibility.

Wall Street Journal in a report says "Facebook is testing whether to follow Twitter's lead and allow users to click on a hashtag to pull up all posts about similar topics or events so it can quickly index conversations around trending topics and build those conversations up, giving users more reason to stay logged in and see more ads".

Previously Facebook did introduce a revamped social search feature, which allowed users to access content like photos, interests and places shared by friends or shared publicly by other users. However, it did not allow users to see discussions about topics. This is where the hashtag feature might prove usefull for Facebook.

Facebook has indeed emulated few characteristics of twitter including the subscriber lists for users and "@" symbol which allows users to tag friends, celebrities and brands.

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