Facebook Examining New Analytics to Show Users the Reach of Page Updates

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Facebook Examining New Analytics to Show Users the Reach of Page Updates

Facebook pages are geared up to get a new metric for analytics that Facebook has been testing for the past few months. In certain cases, some Page administrators are able to see who viewed a particular post by organic or viral means. This feature might have huge potential for the Page owners. The new metric will also facilitate the Administrator to see how it is ranked in comparison to the most popular feed on the Page.

Facebook is a person-referred network in which a story is transferred from person to person. The referrals and traffic will be from a person and not any websites. This will help the Administrators of pages to know that the stories or posts in their pages are being recommended by people. But they would be at a loss when it comes to knowing the reach of a particular story. They would not know how far the story has travelled. The new metric is expected to solve this problem.

Facebook has said earlier this month that the News Feed was where the most engaging content would appear while the Pages Feed would have everything else. This feature also helps the Page owners to know the degree to which their content is engaging. If a particular story was viewed organically, there is a 50 per cent chance that it was viewed in the News Feed. On the other hand, if it was viewed virally, it indicates that the content is engaging and was shared in others’ News Feed as well.

No information has been outed regarding rolling out this feature for the masses yet. 

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