Facebook faces a daunting task in India

Posted By: Rahul

Facebook faces a daunting task in India

Facebook is facing a tough task in attracting users to it's domain. Facebook's initial plan was to attract 2 billion internet users but it has managed to catch only 845 million users in India so far. This fact comes as a thorn in the flesh for Facebook. One more setback that Facebook has received in India is the legal hurdles that it is facing in Indian courts. The negative publicity generated by this is also affecting Facebook in a big way.

In India Google dominated the internet space until Facebook's arrival, after arriving Facebook took the world by storm but is now experiencing reverses in it's fortunes. Indian youth are shunning away from Facebook everyday realizing the negative effects that it causes on the human brain The emergence of Google+ is one more factor for Facebook's negative growth in India.

As per reports, around 60% of the Indian youth have already taken to Google+ social networking site, which is shocking for Facebook's prospects Out of Facebook's 845 million users around 60% of the people are expected to shift loyalties to Google+ according to experts. All in all this is a challenge that Facebook has to face in India, hopefully it will be able to overcome it or experience tougher times ahead.

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