Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Turns 30: Top 10 Things You Ought to Know About Him by Now

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In this current age, it's quite a spectacle to come across someone who doesn't possess a Facebook page. But guessing that everyone actually does own a Facebook page, they will also know the very popular founder of the social site Mark Zuckerberg. And today is his birthday.

Mr. Zuckerberg, who turned 30 today, is mostly known to us as the CEO of Facebook. However, there's more than it actually meets the eye, and there are a lot of interesting facts about the young billionaire that everyone has to know.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Turns 30: Top 10 Things You Should Know

Currently keeping at bay whatever was shown about him in the recent Hollywood blockbuster The Social Network (since most of you will start relating to that), together with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, Zuckerberg launched Facebook from Harvard's dormitory rooms in its early days.

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But as we mentioned before, there's more to Mark Zuckerberg than just being that founder and owner of Facebook. Here we take a look at the top 10 things from his life that you may or may not know.

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What's In a Name?

For the ones who don't know this one, Zuckerberg's full name is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and he was born on May 14, 1984, in White Plains into a well-informed family. Also, he's half Bulgarian and was named after his Bulgarian grandfather Marco.

Family ZuckNet

If you think that Facebook was Zuckerberg's first attempt at getting into the social networking scene, then you couldn't be wrong enough. Apparently, the child genius created a certain ZuckNet just for his family. With the ZuckNet is place, his father was able to send an instant message to anyone in the house and visa versa.

Super Lingual Hold

Did you know that on his application to Harvard University, he listed French, Hebrew, Latin, and ancient Greek as languages he could read and write? Well, apparently he did.

So Far, So Rich

This one goes without saying. As of now, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest folks around. Recently, Forbes estimated that Zuckerberg's net worth is at $26.6 billion. Quite the Richie Rich, huh?

Blue! Blue Everywhere

Have you ever wondered why Facebook is painted all blue from the top to the bottom? Well, that's because Zuckerberg is red-green color blind. "Blue is the richest color for me. I can see all of blue," he once told ABC News.


While a student at Harvard university, Mark Zuckerberg developed "Facemash," a website that asked users to rate students' attractiveness and looks based on their dorm-directory photos.

The Unblockable

In case you don't know, unlike others, you cannot block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook. Don't believe us, eh? Go to http://www.facebook.com/zuck and try it out yourself.

The Perfect Husband

Zuckerberg is known for designing his wife's Priscilla Chan's wedding ring. The ring is basically a ruby flanked on either side by diamonds. The ring was worth $25,000 at the time of their wedding.

Zuckerberg, a TV star?

If you are a close follower of the animated adult comedy shows they have on TV, you will be quite familiar wih TV shows such as South Park, The Simpsons and Family Guy. However, what you may not have known is that Zuckerberg once guest starred as himself on an episode of "The Simpsons."

No Idiot Box, Please

This one might creep you out a bit, considering the age that we are living in, but according to a previous report via the Business Insider, Zuckerberg doesn't own a TV. Then again, who need TV anyway when you have the entire world tuned together for your entertainment.

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