Facebook friend request rejection can hurt badly

Posted By: Rahul

Facebook friend request rejection can hurt badly

The next time you turn down somebody's friend request on Facebook, Beware! cause a study says that people tend to feel snubbed and withdrawn when their Facebook friend requests are turned down. This is one of the negativeness of the internet and also a disadvantage of social media.

The study also says that people tend to feel hurt and depressed when their friend request/requests are turned down. This rejection is similar to being rejected in person. The study states that this may have adverse and irreversible effects on the human brain. Online rejection could also lead to people developing suicidal tendencies.

The respondents of the study were found to lose self-esteem after their Facebook friend requests were turned down.

Experts say that we must be careful online. They say that positive communication among people will lead to a reversal of this trend.

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