Facebook friends are not friends in need

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Facebook friends are not friends in need


Facebook is the most used social networking website in the world and on an average each youngster in the network has about 237 friends. But when it comes to some support, not more than two friends will come to help, claims a survey.

This survey has been conducted among 1000 users of the age group 18 to 35 by the Macmillan Cancer support. It has found that about two thirds of the respondents had two or even fewer friends to help them in cases of any necessity and claim them to be close friends.

Also about one eighth of them have said that they do not have even one such friends to whom they can rely on when there is something hard in their lives. The survey also claimed that about 16 % of the men were more likely to this statement than the women as they account to only 12 %.

It is quite surprising to see people with such large number of friends in their social network claim to have only a couple of close friends. This shows that the social networking accounts' friends lists are not as close as they seem to be.

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