Facebook Gifts Service Introduced To India, UK and Canada

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Facebook Gifts service which was launched in US, is now has been made available for users across U.K., India and Canada. However the feature doesn't look to be in full swing yet. Although, users in U.K., India and Canada can access the gifts feature, they will, for now, only be able to send gifts to users in the US. If you are not living in the US, you won't be able to receive gifts ether.

Facebook Gifts Service Introduced To India, UK and Canada

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You can access Facebook Gifts through "Give Gift", which is located at the top of the Facebook profile . You will be able to select gifts from various categories like food, wine, apartment, bar, flowers, baby/kids and the like. Once you have chosen the category, you will have to pick out a digital card, which can be personalized with a message. Then you are directed to the payment tab, which is currently only offering credit card payment mode.

Once the gift is sent, the recipient, is sent an email and a notification on Facebook. Clicking on the notification, leads them to view the gift. Facebook then asks the email as well as a notification on Facebook. recipient for his or her address, for delivering the gift. Gifts are then shipped in a matter of 1 or 3-5 working days.

The service might still be in it's initial stages and perhaps it might be bumped up to it's full potential latter on.

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