Facebook hacker is jailed

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Facebook hacker is jailed

Most of the hackers claim that they are not trying to create any issue and that they were simply sniffing the areas of the website that are off the limits. Some of them do this for thrill while the others do it to teach a lesson to the company. Anyhow, it is illegal.

Glenn Mangham, a 26 year old who has earlier hacked the secure regions of Yahoo in order to teach them that it is possible to bolster their security is now jailed for eight months for doing the same with Facebook in April 2011.

After he was caught, Mangham has admitted that he wanted to help the social network. He said that he accessed and also hacked the social network. Facebook claims that the company had to spend over $200,000 in order to investigate on the crime and to fix the security holes that the hacker has uncovered in his two month long hack.

He has hacked an employee's account to get the access of some of the main servers of Facebook. He was arrested by FBI in June 2011 and was sentenced to imprisonment now. Mangham, will be banned to use a computer after he is freed for a particular time period. He is a software development graduate.

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