Facebook Hacked: Mark Zuckerberg's Social Network Calls It A Sophisticated Attack

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The world biggest social networking site with more than 1 billion account users - Facebook recently confirmed that they were attacked by a sophisticated group of hackers on February 15.

The Mark Zuckerberg's social network has further revealed that no evidence of user data has been compromised so far. Further, Facebook has also noted that the problem has been identified and fixed. Hence, users can stop biting their nails now, as nothings going to happen to their accounts.

Facebook Hacked: Mark Zuckerberg's Calls It A Sophisticated Attack

Hackers seem to be getting more advanced with each passing day. , It was only recently when report were rife about microblogging site Twitter, New York Times and Wall Street Journal falling prey to an organised group of hacker's attack. Well, this time the victim is the the very own Facebook.

The social media group confirmed the news by posting the mishappening on their official blog. Facebook said, "Last month, Facebook security discovered that our systems had been targeted in a sophisticated attack... The attack occurred when a handful of employees visited a mobile developer website that was compromised".

Reportedly it has been disclosed that the suspicious file was traced back to an employee's laptop, which was found infected with a malicious file, after which several other machines were found infected.

Since the virus was a result of a third-party website and not a direct attempt, the social network site suspects the attack to have been in early stages.

On the other hand, reports also suggest that the hackers were able to penetrate through the cyber-defenses using Zero-Day a software used to carry out an attack by exploiting a previously unknown vulnerability in a computer application.The malicious file used a flaw in the Java built-in protections to breach into the site.

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