Facebook Hits 100 Million Users in India: 84 Million Users Only Via Smartphones

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Obviously with great population you can expect a great number of customers in every possible section of the market. Like-wise in the social networking site Facebook, India has today made history by becoming the second country to hit the mark of 100 million users. The first you all might have already known is obviously the US.

Reportedly, Kevin D'Souza, Facebook India's head of growth and mobile partnerships, said "Today, we have more than 100 million people who access Facebook actively in India each month."

Facebook, regarding the rise in the number of users in India, said that fast-expanding smartphone market was one of the driving growth in India along with better internet coverage across the country with a strength of 1.2 billion people.

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Facebook Hits 100 Million Users in India

Growth in the number of smartphone users is surely an important factor, which made India one of the highest Facebook using country with 84 million mobile users. And to give a global number, Facebook has more than than 1.23 billion users worldwide.

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Also because of the Facebook messenger app, the social networking site has made a astounding impact on the users globally. Recently Facebook also added one more button on its mobile app version to keep a tap on the election in India.

Thus minor updates, which the company has been sending out to the mobile version of the social site do have a minor roles to play in attracting more number of users.

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