Facebook Hits 500 Million Active Users: 5 Features You Still Might Not Know

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Facebook is less of a personal social page and more of a new media in the current day and age. Sure, you use your Facebook page to stay connected to your friends, but that's not where the service's utility ends. Hence, you come across news that Facebook has reached 500 million active users.

Social media is anyway one of the biggest things on the planet at the moment. Most of the people you see around anyway have a page for themselves on both Twitter and Facebook (not to mention Google Plus).

Facebook Hits 500 Million Active Users: 5 Unknown Features

However, while Facebook is indeed going the distance, there are still a few features of Facebook that have escaped you all this while. So here's a closer look at the top 5.

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Following is Something Else

Sure, you have all your friends lined up in your Facebook account. But you can always follow people without necessarily being friends with one. So when you're on the profile page of someone who has this feature turned on, you'll see a "Follow" button, along with an "Add as Friend" option.

Reordering Page Sections

Facebook page admins have the option to rearrange the sidebar elements and whatever's inside it. While People and About will always remain in the top two spots, the remaining page sections can be dragged and dropped into any order you want.

Facebook Account for Email

You can easily email anyone at their Facebook ids, and the message will come straight to his or her regular Gmail account. The same goes for you and your Facebook profile. Your Facebook email is your username on Facebook. Just mail with the @facebook.com and you are done.

Posts to Page

People can post to your business page just by tagging your name in the updates. These posts from others will show in the sidebar section below your photos. This solely has the ability to make or break your business.

Download Facebook Data

Ever wanted to download whatever you have done on your Facebook page? Just go to the settings page, and click the "Download Facebook data" option at the bottom of the settings.

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