Facebook Introduces Short Video Service On Instagram

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Facebook has introduced video sharing feature to it's popular photo-sharing site Instagram. Users can now shoot and edit short videos from their smartphones. This does sound something like Twitter's Vine app doesn't it? The difference is Instagram will allow users to upload 15 seconds videos, compared to the 6 second videos of Vine.

Instagram chief executive and co-founder Kevin Systrom said that the 15 seconds brings the right balance, allowing users to create meaningful videos, while still being small enough to be shared easily amongst friends.

Facebook Introduces Short Video Service On Instagram

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Instagram will feature an additional video mode, users will be able to start or stop recording videos. The feature also allows users to delete portions of the videos. Unlike Vine, Instagram allows users to add 13 unique filters, which have been exclusively designed for videos. In addition to that, the photo-sharing site also bringing stabilization feature called Cinema which is meant to eliminate shaky hand movements during shooting.

15 second videos can prove to be a valuable platform for advertising and brand building. The length should give companies to push forward some strong marketing champions. Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg has expressed that this is just the beginning and Instagram will continue to evolve further, over time.

Systrom shares some numbers on usage of Instagram - 130 million people use Instagram every month. He adds that 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram and photo sharing site gets about a billion likes every day.

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