Facebook is confused?

Posted By: Rahul

Facebook is confused?

Leading social networking site Facebook seems to be confused these days. Yes, this can be proved when we look at some recent instances. People now are of the opinion that Facebook in India is becoming stupid by the day. This is reportedly leading to people deleting their Facebook profiles.

One instance which proves Facebook's stupidity is the blocking of the surnames of people belonging to a particular community in India. These users had surnames like “Chutia” which Facebook confused with the Hindi language expletive “Chutiya”. This in turn led to Facebook blocking these names & thereby causing inconvenience to all users having the surname “Chutia”.

The authorities have reportedly thought these users to be fake & thus have resorted to blocking their accounts. This shows the authorities' lack of awareness. How could they presume that the account was fake without taking into consideration the sentiments of various Indian communities?. If Facebook is resorting to blocking such weird names then what about profiles which have names such as “Ye Kya Bakchodi Hai” & “Ye kya chutiyapa hai?”. Whoever is going to question the existence of such names?.

There are even pages which are inspired by various language expletives. The content in them is humorous & not intended to hurt anybody, say sources. But the authorities don't seem to understand this fact at all. They seem to be ignorant.

Twitter is also reportedly planning to block “weird sounding surnames”. If this is the case, social networking in India is sure to suffer,say experts. This is expected to serve as a big blow to Facebook which is already reeling under severe criticism in India.

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