Facebook: Longtime users have no fatigue

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Facebook: Longtime users have no fatigue

A survey that was released yesterday shows that the longtime users of Facebook, the social networking site who were members since its debut in 2004. These users say that are not tired of sharing pictures, updating plans and so.

Facebook fatigue was expected to happen in the users as they get bored of the network. But the research states that these were not found. Instead, the longer the users are on Facebook, the more often that hit the like button, comment in the content of friends, update status, tag friends and perform other activities.

It also showed that the more friends they have, the more active there are in the social network. They also performed activities like joining groups, poking, photo tagging, posting, commenting, private messages, liking and un-friending.

This survey was based on the one conducted over phone among 2,255 US adults in November 2010. Currently Facebook has over 845 million active users.

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