Facebook Loosing Teen Interest To WhatsApp And Other Messaging Apps

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Facebook is under attack from messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat, as more and more teenagers are choosing them over the social network. Facebook admitted that it was seeing a daily decrease in users who are still on the site, but not as active as they previously were.

Facebook Loosing Teen Interest To WhatsApp And Other Messaging Apps

According to a report by the Guardian, young users are making a massive shift in platform towards messaging apps, with the list including names like KakaoTalk, WhatsApp and many others. The publication quoted data from Mobile Marketing Magazine.

The reason for the shift? It is believed that these apps facilitate conversations with real-life friends from a user's phone book. This is a contrast to Facebook, which is more focused on maintaining relationships with people that you barely know.

This drop in usage comes despite Facebook's attempt to find a greater place on smartphones through their messenger texting app, which is very similar to WhatsApp, but works through your Facebook account and contact list instead of your mobile phone's phonebook.

Another reason for the decline in usage could also be Facebook's recent increase in stuffing advertisement's into the social network, especially into user's news feeds. The move has resulted in a cluttered, and somewhat distroted user experience according to certain experts. This again, is a contrast, to apps like WhatsApp, which frown upon advertising, thereby making them the more popular choice.

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