Facebook makes users sad

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Facebook makes users sad

An interview was conducted among 425 students doing their under-graduation by the sociologists Nicholas Edge and Hui-Tzu Grace Chou. The students were questioned about how happy they are when compared with their friends.

The participants were also asked how far they agree or disagree with the quotes like “Life is fair” and also on how many feel that many of their friends have a better life than them.

After these questions, they came out with their Facebook activity mentioning even the number of friends they have and the proportion of them whom they knew pretty well.

Of those who were interviewed, 95% were Facebook users can they are on Facebook for about two and half years on an average and they spend over 5 hours each week on the social network.

The study also took into consideration about their gender, relationship status and religiosity and found that the more time people spend on the social network, the more they feel that others are happy compared to them.

This is especially true with those users who make unknown people to them as friends. Long time Facebook users strongly agree with the statement, “Life is unfair”.

The main reason that is concluded to cause this type of a feeling in the users is the photos of their friends that depict their happiness making others feel that their friends are having better lives.

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