Facebook Now Lets Users Ask Friends for Personal Information

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Facebook has been in news all this while for a number of reasons. Ranging from its recent acquisition of WhatsApp to Mark Zuckerberg's 30th birthday, all have been major news. Now it seems like more new changes are coming.

According to reports, the world's most popular social networking site Facebook has now rolled out a new button feature called 'Ask.' Apparently the button looks to inform users on any information his or her friend hasn't provided.

Facebook Now Lets Users Ask Friends for Personal Information

Ranging from a host of questions, from a person's relationship status to the place where he or she might have been born, the Ask button enables anyone to post questions rather than waiting for the other person to reveal the details.

So basically it doesn't matter if it's general details of where the person work or where they went to school, or other specific information such as a person's address or phone number, Facebook will have you covered with the Ask button.

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When a certain info is requested, users will receive a notification from that friend (apart from a personal message, provided the user chose to write one), followed by a list of options for replying. Apparently, these options will be taken from other friends' profiles.

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We have no idea what the new changes will mean to all those currently a part of Facebook, but we are already guessing that this will become a brand new "social" tool that will be mostly used to pester others for details a person may not be comfortable sharing.

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