Facebook Will Now Charge You to Promote Your Friend's Post

By: Gizbot Bureau

Facebook as a move to increase its revenue is now allowing its users to promote posts of friends. Facebook Inc. will be rolling out the feature soon in its social networking site. A similar tool was introduced by the site last year, which allows users to promote their own posts. The recent tool is seen as an expansion of the previously launched tool.

The new service, according to reports may cost $7 (approx. Rs. 364) in the United States, but prices are expected to vary in different regions. The information was disclosed by the company via email. The social networking site, Facebook is currently facing a dip in its profit figures and shares. This is one main reason for Facebook finding new avenues for revenue generation. Facebook can generate revenue in better ways with its huge 1.1million fan base.

Facebook Will Now Charge You to Promote Your Friend's Post

The company also announced features that enabled users to send gifts to their loved ones through the site and the option of mobile-advertising. Mobile-advertising proved a useful tool for marketers on their desktops. The company said if a friend of one particular user is running a marathon for charity then he/she can be helped by promoting the post on its site.

The feature to promote friends' post on the site will be introduced globally in a phase manner. The company already runs a feature that lets companies promote posts. Facebook considers safety important and hence the promoted posts can be viewed only by users who are permitted to see the original message. Shares of Facebook rose to 2.1 per cent a couple of days back.

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