Facebook offers free antivirus software

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Facebook offers free antivirus software

Facebook has announced that it is providing antivirus services to its users. The social networking giant will be directing users to its malware checkpoints. If users feel that their computers are infected with virus, they will be directed to these checkpoints, claim reports.

There is a self enrollment process for this. Through this process, users can access the free antivirus programs from Microsoft or McAfee. As per the reports, the social networking firm has said that the users can be more proactive with these new security checkpoints.

Earlier, if you have suspected that your computer has acquired malware, you would run an anti-virus or wait for Facebook to identify an actionable threat. Now, the new Facebook self enrollment process with malware checkpoints will help you obtain a free anti-virus product to clean your system.

Facebook created the anti-virus marketplace in the beginning of this year. Users can download trials of security software from here. There is also a system that will notify the users if their computers are infected.

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