Facebook Photo Sync Feature for Android and iOS Devices Now Available to All Mobile Users Including India

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Facebook Photo Sync Feature for Android and iOS Devices Now Available to All Mobile Users Including India

Facebook has announced that it has begun rolling out its new photo-sharing feature, Photo Sync, for all Facebook users on mobile. Initially, this feature was rolled out only for a few users on iOS platform a few weeks ago, however now it is available globally including India.

The feature automatically saves any photo that you click with your phone to a web album kept private. Facebook then allows you to choose which photos you wish to share with your others. The feature will make sharing photos easier and quicker with no more waiting around to upload them.

The feature has begun rolling out to all Facebook users from November 30 and would reach everyone in a few days’ time. Similar to Apple’s Photo stream where pictures from your smartphone are automatically sent to a private album located in the cloud.  A box on the image can be ticked if you wish to share the picture with others.

You can operate this app in multiple ways. You can keep the Photo Sync feature always on, allowing all the photos to be synced by Facebook and send to the web album by itself. Or else, you can make it so, such that Photo Sync is active only around Wi-Fi, for those worried about data charges. And finally, you can even turn the feature off if you prefer having control of the photos being uploaded to the web.

Photo Sync is supported by iOS as well as Android which means that most smartphone users will be able to avail this feature. However, it remains to be seen how much the new feature will be welcomed. For regular Facebook users who promptly share their photos, the feature is going to be a huge boon.

For others who wish to just upload their photos to the cloud and not exactly wish to share them with others, will not be enthusiastic about Photo Sync. iOS users would prefer using Photo Stream for uploading to cloud while the users of the cloud service Dropbox will use its own automatic photo uploading feature.

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