Facebook Predicts Mobile User Base to Grow Beyond PC segment

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Facebook Predicts Mobile User Base to Grow Beyond PC segment

Facebook has confirmed that they expect their mobile user base to grow multi-fold when compared to their PC users in the near future and also pinned India, Brazil and US as their top regions in terms of expected user base. 

In India, Facebook has witness an exponential growth from 8 million to around 65 million in 2 year’s time. However, the company has also expressed their concern on their unproven capabilities when it comes to garnering revenue from its growing mobile user base. 

As per the figures disclosed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of US, Facebook has 1.01 billion monthly active users (MAU’s), of which around 600 million users are on mobile platform. An official statement from Facebook stated “Users on Personal computers may be flat or continue to decline in certain markets, including key developed markets such as the US, in part due to our focus on developing mobile products to encourage mobile usage of Facebook."

However revenue from their mobile user based and products are still a small percentage of their total revenue. This is becoming a growing concern for the company. 

The company also confirmed that they are facing cut throat competition from Google, Microsoft and Twitter in terms of product offerings which could be a challenge when it comes to tapping revenue from the growing mobile user segment. In addition to these global players, Facebook also informed that they expect competition to come from strong regional players like vKontakte in Russia, Orkut in India/Brazil, Mixi in Japan and Cyworld in Korea. 

One thing is sure, the competition is just getting too hot and firms need to find innovative ways to increase their revenue and keep their growing mobile user base intact.

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