Facebook Privacy Misery: Now Zuckerberg’s Sister's Photo Leaks Via Twitter

By: Gizbot Bureau

Recent developments have shown that even Mark Zuckerberg's family could be gripped by privacy issues on Facebook. A photo of Mark Zuckerberg's sister, Randi Zucherberg, which she had posted on her Facebook profile, was shared publicly on Twitter. The photo was seen by a marketing director, Callie Schweitzer, on Facebook who posted the photo onto Twitter on Wednesday.

Randi, who was taken aback by these developments tweeted to Schweitzer that the photo was intended for friends only and that her sharing the photo publicly was ‘uncool'. Schweitzer, on her part, said that she saw the picture in her news feed on Facebook.

Facebook Privacy Misery: Zuckerberg’s Sister's Photo Leaks Via Twitter

The picture was that of four people in a kitchen watching mobile phones in their hands with their mouths agape. Mark Zuckerberg was in the background.

Randi Zuckerberg used to be in charge of the marketing department of Facebook and is now the producer of a reality TV show. She said later that Schweitzer could see the photo because they had a mutual friend. The tweets have been removed after that.

Randi Zuckerberg commented that this was not a matter of privacy settings but that of digital etiquette. However, this has sparked debates among people who considered this was the fault of Facebook's privacy settings which is confusing and keeps on changing constantly.

Facebook has announced that the company is changing privacy settings in order to make it easier for the users to access these settings. The fine-tuning of privacy settings will happen in several revisions. Facebook's users, over 1 billion of them, would start receiving them in the coming weeks.

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