Facebook Releases Global Government Requests Report to Win Trust from Users

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In an attempt to display its integrity, Facebook, the world's largest social network, has released a report which contains data on the number of requests for information that the company has received from government agencies across the globe during the first half of 2013. The report comes at a time when Internet companies in the US are under pressure after revelations of a secret program that collected massive amounts of sensitive data from them. So Facebook's move of releasing information on such requests will help it garner more trust from its users.

Facebook Releases Global Government Request Report to Win User's Trust

The "Global Government Requests Report" says that agencies from around the world have made around 25,607 data requests in the first six months of 2013, targeting around 38,000 users. Half of these requests came form the US government. Facebook Inc went on to add that the numbers included both criminal and national security requests, but did not give a break up or divulge any details.

In a statement the social network said, "We have reported the numbers for all criminal and national security requests to the maximum extent permitted by law." It also added, "We continue to push the United States government to allow more transparency regarding these requests, including specific numbers and types of national security-related requests. We will publish updated information for the United States as soon as we obtain legal authorization to do so."

And how did the company react to these numerous requests? Facebook says it complied with 79 percent of US government requests. Moving onto requests from other countries, the company claims to have denied many or all of them, adding weight to its previous claim of limiting data probes whenever possible.

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