Facebook Releases 'I'm a Voter' Election Button Worldwide: Here's What You Need to Know

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Remember when Facebook gave the recent Indian election a great pedestal by offering a brand new 'I'm a Voter' button? Well it seems like the very feature has now been outed by the company worldwide.

With the new release, the button will now appear for voters in the European Parliament and Colombian elections, alongside for citizens based in South Korea, Indonesia, Sweden, Scotland, New Zealand, and Brazil later down the line.

Facebook Releases 'I'm a Voter' Election Button Worldwide

The feature, that was already available for voters in India with the world's largest democracy choosing a new prime minister in the form of Narendra Modi, will now appear again for US citizens, during November's midterm congressional elections.

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By clicking the button, users, as expected, will now be able to broadcast their status as a voter to their friends, although not reveal how their vote was cast.

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As far as numbers and stats are concerned, Telegraph writes that Facebook "said it estimates nearly 400 million people will see the message in their news feeds this year - more than one third of its roughly 1.1 billion active users."

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