Facebook Removes 'Thumbs Up' From the Like Button

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Earlier today, biggest and No. 1 social networking site in the world Facebook revamped its age-old 'like' button and replaced it with a new icon. Yes, Facebook confirmed in a blogpost earlier today, that the iconic thumbs up has been permanently removed from its 'like' button.

Facebook Removes 'Thumbs Up' From the Like Button

Why is the change such a big deal?

Because the like button can be found on over 7.5 million websites across the world wide web. So every little change in pixel arrangement, color shade and drop- shadow will be seen across millions of web pages by over a billion people. Apart from this, it is worth noting that "Like and Share are important drivers of Facebook referral traffic, which is larger than all other social networks combined according to a recent Shareaholic report."

What's new?

The company has removed the thumbs up symbol and replaced it with the 'f' logo instead. And its white on blue rather than blue on white, just like the new share button.

Facebook Removes 'Thumbs Up' From the Like Button

Share and Like Button Paired

Apart from design, Facebook is also pairing its Like and Share buttons in hopes that websites will include both. The reason behind the change is that users are sometimes confused by the difference between them.

Why the change?

Peter Yang, a product manager at Facebook, said that the new version has been optimized such that it looks good on high-resolution screens.

The result

According to their tests, Facebook says that the new buttons are getting clicked much more than the old ones.

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