Facebook: Gets Reply Button Supporting Threaded Comments For Pages With More Than 10000 Likes

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Social networking giant Facebook has rolled out two features for Pages used by brands, businesses and public profiles for individuals with over 10,000 followers. The new features are none other than the long tested replies and threaded comments.

Both replies and threaded comments allow the most commented or liked replies and those closest to the network of users at the top and those marked as spam at the bottom. The feature ad been in testing since November 2012, so a few accounts already has them and on Tuesday, the feature has been officially rolled out across Facebook for desktop across the world.'

Click here for Facebook phone concept images....

Facebook: Get Reply Button Supporting Threaded Comments For Pages

Click here for Facebook phone concept images....

As of now, these two enhancements are available as optional features, however, in July this year, these features will be made default for all the Pages and Profiles with 10,000+ followers.

Furthermore, because this update is only for desktop, users can only view the comments on mobile devices, and not reply to them. Also, the comments will not be sorted algorithmically on mobile devices.

Direct replies will bring about a couple of purposes on the social network. Firstly, it will give the Page and Profile owners more ways to use their pages. For instance, they can conduct Q&A sessions, informal polls and more. Secondly, it will also result in a significant time spent by users on these pages, which will benefit not only the Page/Profile owners, but also Facebook.

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