Facebook Rolls Out 'Unfollow' Button Replacing 'Hide All'

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Here is a bit of a change in the Facebook user interface. However, this won't be a new thing to those who are constantly glued to the social networking site. This is probably the addition of new button that allows you to "unfollow" other users. This sounds pretty much like the Twitter which has similar button.

Facebook Rolls Out 'Unfollow' Button Replacing 'Hide All'

The functionality resembles to that of "Hide All" button. In fact it will replace the Hide All button. For those who are not aware of this option, "Hide All" is an option to remain friends with someone on Facebook while hiding their updates from your News Feed. This is also a polite way of blocking their status from your news feed.

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Thus one can also say that this is just the change of wording of the button. According to TechCrunch, next to the "Like" button in profiles, Facebook will also show users whether they're following someone. This will show up on on individual user profiles and on company Pages. The option of following, which allows you to follow a user's public updates without becoming their friend, will remain the same, but this may encourage more users to take advantage of this option to influence the kind of updates that show up in their feed.

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Facebook spokesperson said, "The goal of this change is to help people curate their News Feed and see more of the content that they care about,".

Similar to Twitter and Instagram, the concept of unfollowing is becoming a bigger part of Facebook and the unfollow button will appear next to the 'Like' button in profiles.

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