Facebook to suggest status update topics!

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Looks like Facebook wants the users to keep updating their status very frequently. And if you are at a loss of ideas about your next update, worry not. Facebook would suggest the topic.

Facebook to suggest status update topics!

In a new Facebook feature test, some users are seeing "Suggested Topics" appear in their status update boxes, media reports said.

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These topics include subjects like #LovingDay, #NationalPeanutButterCookieDay and #WorldBikeNakedDay etc.

The cue is clear: Facebook wants you to write something or the other in your status update column. If you do not have something in mind, you can rely on this new Facebook feature to give you a clue.

Facebook to suggest status update topics!

Going by the way Facebook generates News Feed for you, it is likely that topic recommendations may vary depending upon your activity on the social networking site.

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The algorithm would track your commenting activity to recommend the appropriate topic for your next status update.

Source: IANS

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