Facebook Terminates Unpopular @facebook.com Email Service

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Facebook has been going places in recent times. And with its recent acquisition of WhatsApp for a total $19 billion it has already shown the intent it has to connect with more users. But it seems like the company hasn't been successful in all areas and, accordingly, has now killed off its email service that gave all users a @facebook.com mailing account.

As reports claim, Facebook is retiring its email service permanently due to its unpopularity and has already started notifying users that all future emails sent to their @facebook.com address will now be forwarded to their saved primary email address.

Facebook Terminates Unpopular @facebook.com Email Service

The company is currently pushing out mails to all the existing users of the @facebook.com mailing account stating: "When someone sends you an email at that address, it will no longer go to your Messages on Facebook. Instead, the email will be forwarded to the primary email address on your account."

"We're making this change because most people haven't been using their Facebook email addresses, and we wanted to make it easier to view all your emails in one place. Plus, we can focus on improving our mobile messaging experience for everyone," it adds.

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Facebook launched the mail service back in November 2010 as an effort by the social networking giant to narrow down all communications under a single banner so as to make it easy for users.

"Now people can share with friends over email, whether they're on Facebook or not. To be clear, Messages is not email. There are no subject lines, no cc, no bcc, and you can send a message by hitting the Enter key," Facebook engineer Joel Seligstein stated at that time.

"We modeled it more closely to chat and reduced the number of things you need to do to send a message. We wanted to make this more like a conversation."

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However, things didn't work out as they were supposed to for the mail service and now Facebook has eventually decided that it will permanently shut down the service and there shall be no future references to it.

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