Facebook to launch Activity Feed for Games

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Facebook to launch Activity Feed for Games

Facebook, the most used social network is about to launch a new option called Activity Feed for the games in order to allow the users to discover the new ones and to get the regular updates about the game activity of their friends.

The blog post states that the company is announcing a new way to increase the discovery and the engagement with games on the network by including the games related stories in the News Feed and also a games Timeline unit. The links to the apps requests on homepage, the changed to live ticker ans an activity feed for games are under testing.

The mobile feed already allows the users to see the game stories and now they can also have this particular feature in Facebook.com. The users can see the game stories of their friends. The game activity feed will appear under the dashboard of apps and games in the Friend Activity option as a sub menu. This will be a solution for all the activities related to games in Facebook.

Users can choose to display their gaming activities on the Timeline. The blog post also states that the network has launched a new unit in Timeline that will integrate the top game related activity of the user into the Timeline after a particular time period. The unit will showcase the games that the users play, the top scores and the achievements as well.

To make the requests more visible and to increase the traffic to apps and games, the social network is testing on new link feature that will display these requests on top right corner of the user's home page. The ticker's existing version will be removed and it will be improved to simplify the overall gaming experience.

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