Facebook Turns 10: 5 Things the Social Networking Site Made Me Realize

    Rejoice all you "social" beings out there for the very popular Facebook has just turned 10. For 10 long years, the site has seen been the most popular media, apart from helping people socialize, for hosting promotions, debates, contest and more. And although the site just turned 10 (took a step toward adulthood, in other words), it didn't just limit itself to the PC but took advantage of the growing technology in the form of Android and iOS-based smartphones and tablets by introducing apps for the same so that you always remain connected - provided you are always on an active Internet connection.

    Facebook Turns 10: 5 Things the Social Networking Site Made Me Realize


    And while all has been well for the site all these years (expect the smaller nuisances regarding security issues), the site has also been the hotbed for a lot of unwanted activities that people started sharing publicly while giving birth to a number of modern day "trends" that were enough to give you a headache (and usually curse yourself for opening it in the first place).

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    No doubt, a number of these posts and how people interact on the site are quite funny to say the least. But there are those that are no less than irritating - and even more irritating since you have to deal with them almost everyday (like unnecessary invitations for the growing menace that's Farmville).

    So with the social networking site just turning 10, a bit of light can be shed on what the site has taught over the past few years. Of course, I have currently decided to shut myself away from the site (if anyone wants to get in touch can mail me or use the dial pad on their perfectly good phones) due to the fact that I don't want the NSA to snoop around whatever I do personally, but over the countless time (that I shall not get back, ever) I spent logged on to the site, I have learnt quite a bit about how people interact with each other - which is quite different from how they would interact in real life.

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    Here's the list of five things that Facebook has made me realize over time

    Do yourself a favor and try removing your birthday from your personal ore I could even start figuring out exactly what was written. Seeing no way out, I texted him back "Please Facebook page for just a year and see how many of them actually remember it.

    Needless to say, the result will be quite harrowing, provided you enjoy gala birthday posts from the friends you made on the site (whom you shall never even see in real life) and keep logged on to your page from the moment the clock says 12AM.

    Chances are massive that the only people who will actually remember your birthday will actually be the people who really care for you - your parents, loved ones and a few friends whom you have known even before FB's inception.

    Seriously, once and for all - nobody, and I repeat, nobody wants to know if you just got into a relationship or just got married, or if you have a relationship status that says "It's Complicated" (whatever that means). If you are in a relationship, enjoy it with your loved ones rather than sporting it around your Facebook page just for the sake of a few likes - that some people told me gives them "massive pleasure."

    And if you are still opposed to it, see it this way: Imagine you had a break-up and you put up that post on your wall as well, will you be able to cope with it if someone actually comes and likes it? Doesn't that mean the person likes the fact that you and your ex-loved one have now broken up? So do yourself a massive favor and think before you update your relationship status the next time.

    Among all other trends I have seen in my short love affair with Facebook, one particularly has been the most disturbing - the fact that users use their personal walls to post certain things that only reflect their mental health. Why they do that, you ask? Seeing a number of people over the past few years I have come to a conclusion that people prefer using their FB page as a psychiatrist rather than actually seeing a real one.

    Believe me, if you have a deep problem that's hurting you mentally, sit with a real life paid Psychiatriore I could even start figuring out exactly what was written. Seeing no way out, I texted him back "Please st (or even a therapist), rather than scribbling a few lines about it and posting it on Facebook to see what your friends suggest. And it's needless to say, the suggestions usually don't make much sense there as well. And if you are doing this while you are on the older side of 30, you should stop now and get REAL help.

    First it was the simple phone-based SMS, and now its a regular Facebook post - the common factor between them? Weirdly spelled words that look like they are straight out of an old Mayan scripture.

    I remember once receiving a similar text from a friend of mine. Needless to say, it took me a while before I could even start figuring out exactly what was written. Seeing no way out, I texted him back "Please write in English. Can't understand" (and I haven't heard from him ever since).

    Similar is the deal with the regular FB posts that are made almost eveyday with a lot of stress on wrong usage of the Oxford dictionary. For example, apparently, "Wat" is now an official word while nobody knows what punctuations are for. Also, for some reason or the other, "Their," "They're" and "There are" all have the same meanings.

    And talking about common Facebook-based inclusions, the very popular word "selfie" (a type of self-portrait photograph) was announced as being the "word of the year" by the Oxford English Dictionary last year.

    This one needs no second introduction. There are a bunch of people out there who keep sending anybody and everybody friend requests, and then when the other person doesn't accept it - naturally since the person doesn't even know the other guy - they become emotional and keep sending requests until they are forced to accept it. Know that the universe works in mysterious ways, and so does the Internet (especially if you have no idea as to how it works).

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