Facebook unfriending leads to murder

Posted By: Rahul

Facebook unfriending leads to murder

In a shocking incident, a couple from Tennessee were murdered just because they used the unfriend feature on Facebook to unfriend a woman. This incident clearly proves how obsessed people are with Facebook(Technology in general).

Billy Clay Payne Jr and Billie Jean Hayworth were the couple who were murdered last month after they removed Jenelie Potter, the daughter of the murder suspect from their Facebook “Friends” list. This shows the adverse effects that Facebook addiction could have on the human brain. This incident clearly proves that people addicted to Facebook and internet are prone to even being murdered. One other effect of Facebook(internet addiction) is the reduced judgmental ability of people.

In a similar case last year a woman was apprehended based on the fact that she set fire to a friend's garage after her friend “Unfriended” the woman on Facebook. In Texas, a man's wife had to undergo physical torture after she refused to “Like” a Facebook post that her husband wrote. Thus, from the above instances, we can conclude that too much addiction to Facebook is not only injurious to health but also injurious to life.

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