Facebook: Wolfram Alpha Lets Users to Analyze Personal Data on the Social Network

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Facebook: Wolfram Alpha Lets Users to Analyze Personal Data on the Social Network

Wolfram Alpha, the knowledge base and answer engine available online answers all the factual queries by computing the results from structured data instead of offering a list of web pages and documents that might have the answer like the search engines.

Now, Wolfram Alpha has developed a new feature, which will allow the users to analyze their Facebook data personally.

Users have to visit the website of Wolfram Alpha and type 'Facebook report'. This will take the users to a screen, prompting them to enable the Wolfram Alpha Facebook app, following which they need to create a Wolfram Alpha account for free.

Once the account creation is done, users will have to grant a lot of permissions to analyze their activity and friends on the Mark Zuckerberg social network.

The analysis includes a lot of data, from the words used the most in status updates to who likes the updates the most along with a weekly activity app. Further, the analysis includes most common friend names, friends with the most mutual friends, relationship statuses and more.

If users want to analyze with the data of friends, they can search as 'Facebook friends' and the oldest and youngest friends will be listed under 'Age Rankings'.

According to the official blog post of Wolfram Alpha, the CEO, Stephan Wolfram said, “Wolfram|Alpha knows about all kinds of knowledge domains; now it can know about you, and apply its powers of analysis to give you all sorts of personal analytics. And this is just the beginning; over the months to come, particularly as we see about how people use this, we'll be adding more and more capabilities."

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