10 Facebook hacks you need to know

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Facebook is an addiction for most our generation. People often react when there is a change in the layout of the Facebook Feed often requesting Facebook to retract on its changes. People often come back to Facebook - be it for interactions, checking news updates or posting a statuses or stalking on other people. Here are 10 Facebook hacks you should know to make smarter usage of the Social networking site.

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Here are 10 Facebook hacks you should know:

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Block annoying content from your feed

If some one from your Facebook Friend list is posting Statuses and sharing annoying stuff. Just unfollow that person and you will stop seeing Posts from that person.

Deleting Your Location

If you often check in on Facebook whenever you land up somewhere and no longer want to share your Check-in details and posts you made when you went somewhere. While the photos are here to stay, your location data can be deleted just in case you realized the possible invasion of privacy that this led to.

Save videos you want to watch later

Facebook rolled out a new feature that lets you to bookmark the videos and stories to view later by clicking the downward arrow on the upper right of the video and select "Save Video". One can access all the saved content on the left-hand navigation bar.

Disable message-read receipts

You read the message that they sent you, but you are not interested in responding. The Chrome app for Desktop will help you with excuses or automated messages.


Public Search

Are you aware that your Facebook posts are also indexed by Search engines like Google. If you do not want your Profile pictures and Facebook photos to appear online on Search Engines, you untick the "Enable Public Search".

Get notified when someone unfriends you

Get notified when someone ended their friendship with you. The extension will let you know who unfriended you. Click on the "lost friends" tab to your page. The truth can hurt.


Download a Copy of your Facebook Data

In order to download your Facebook Data, you can so to Settings > General > and Click on "Download a Copy" to get a zip file of your copy of Facebook Data. This could take time if you are a heavy Facebook user and have way too many posts and shares on your Feed.

See what your profile looks like to the public

Go to your Facebook profile, go to your cover photo, click on the three dots, and select "View as" to see exactly how the world sees your Profile Picture.

Block Disturbing App-invites

Are you receiving too many app-invites from people on your Friend list. There is a good way of not unfriending your friends who are sending you app invites despite requesting them not to do so.

Go to Block App Invites in the Settings Menu and type the name of the friends who keep sending you frequent invitations.


Fabulous color and background changer

Are You bored of the same Blue colored Facebook. Here is a Chrome extension that lets you choose the color of Facebook. 


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