10 Reasons why we should have Social Media account

You Should Have Social Media Account! Find Out Why!

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A huge amount of people uses social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more.

10 Reasons why we should have Social Media account

As per the report, Internet users are most likely to use social media to keep in touch with their friends, following their activity, and getting news updates and filling up spare time. Today we've compiled a list on 10 reasons why everyone should have a social media account

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Enhances your mood

If you are not in the mood to enjoy due to some reasons, open your social media account as there are lots of elements available to cheer you up including funny memes, vine videos and much more.

Connect with your friends

Social media like Facebook are the cheaper way to keep in touch with your friends wherever you are. Moreover, you can make friends through social media as the much wider range of potential friendships is available, from across the world.

To stay up-to-date in news

More than any news websites, social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and much more offers latest and varieties of news in their feeds. While it gets shared, it reaches almost everyone in just a few minutes.

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To fill spare time

In case if you have lots of spare time, social networks are the best to fill it once and for all. You get varieties of entertainment that make you laugh, teaches you a lesson and also makes you think about your future.

To Share opinions

One of the most effective medium to say your opinion to other people is undoubtedly the social media network like Facebook. It not only allows unlimited characters but also reaches many people in your friend's list.

Post photos and videos

Best way to show-off your achievement or other activities that increase your self-esteem is none other than Social media network. These days, there are lots of Instagram, Snapchat, and others, where you can share the photos and videos. With the use of hashtags, you can reach so many people out there around the world.

Due to friends

These days most of the people succumb to peer pressure. And this is the perfect example. You join social media, just because your friend suggested you too. But, this is the best way to keep in touch with your buddies too.

General networking

Social media paves a good way for networking with people. You can connect with anyone you want in these platform with their proper permission. This helps in building contacts for your professional and personal life too.

Everyday details

Nowadays, instead of journalling, most of them prefers to write their everyday activity on their social network account even if it is good, or bad. This will indeed help you to get inputs from others perspective as well.

Getting answers

Leaving out Google, one of the best way to get your answers for the question in Social media. With this, you will get lots of suggestions from all around who are in your friend list.

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