10 shocking facts about Facebook you didn't know!

By Sachin

    Facebook is a part of everybody's life. Be it a college student or a company that has its social media pages, the social media company has got everybody on the digital platform. And with multiple services under their roof, they have found ways to make money easily.

    But how much do we know about the social media company? Read on find out 10 facts about Facebook you did not know.


    So how many accounts are there on Facebook? A big number to crunch, but we can give you an idea. At 1.04 billion users daily, one-third of the population has a Facebook account. Seems like any child born will soon get their birth certificate and usernames created just a few hours after they enter our world.


    Facebook may have been created in 2004, with the public getting access to it by 2006. Considering the other most visited portals like YouTube, Gmail, Reddit, Twitter, Spotify, and WhatsApp, this social media platform has been here longer than the rest.


    Now with the 1.04 billion figure, it comes down to know that the majority of the members on Facebook are women. And that is a 58% of users according to a study by Mashable. Women have definitely taken the internet to its full potential by using major services too, especially Pinterest.

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    Many small enterprises never use the Facebook pages to market their businesses to the billions on Facebook's servers. The ones who do are those enterprises with a workforce great than 100. Hence, the presence of major brands marketing a lot of their business on the online social media.


    So, many do wonder which is the page that has the most number of likes and followers. "Facebook for Every Phone" is the page with the highest number of followers and likes. This page now holds 504 million users following them, even less than the official Facebook page.


    After Facebook decided that its messaging app has to be separate from the main version, Facebook Messenger now incurs a number of users sending pictures to friends and groups rather than on Instagram.

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    Privacy is a major concern for every social media user. And if you are not careful about every security aspect and post that you share, trouble is not far away. A recent study showed that majority of the users were least concerned about the security of their privacy and the information they shared through the posts.

    Many third-party apps have access to the profiles, and many users were oblivious to the information that they authorized to share.


    So Chris Putnam, a computer hacker who was successful at spreading a virus across Facebook and its servers in the year 2005 has his own emoji. But this emoji has been hidden pretty well in the Messenger app. you can see for yourself by typing ":Putnam:" and send it. Your friend may not have a clue of who it is or what you meant.


    When Mark attended D8 Conference in 2010, he had worn a hoodie. eBay happened to get a hoodie that looked like an exact copy of the one he wore. With 48 bids, the hoodie was selling for a whopping $4,050.

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    How many friends do you have in your account? How many can you add? According to a study, a person has almost more than 300 friends in their account, when the average has to be just 200. This means that the majority of Facebook users have more than 500 friends, many of whom they don't care to follow.

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