10 Things We Need To Teach Our Kids About Social Media

    Some of you are thinking that probably they are the ones who would be teaching us as kids today are way smarter than what we were in the 80's or 90'.

    But this article is not about its features or techniques but instead it's got more to do it the morality & safety of our kids. So here are 10 things that we need to teach our kids about social media.


    No matter how good they look, how sweet they are to you or how many alluring offers/gifts they promise to give you. Beware of such creeps who try to get this crucial information out of you during conversation repeatedly.


    Once something is posted online it most probably going to stay online even after you delete it because there is a possibility that someone must have copied it on their computer by now or it might still be visible on their profile/website. It's easy to breach someone's privacy on internet and all those privacy settings are not only confusing or complex but even have loopholes.


    Social media messages have a lifespan of a few seconds or minutes but some conversations that we have in real world lasts for a lifetime. So try having more & more of your important conversations in real life especially the ones that are about apologies or confrontations. People will always remember and value the time you spent with them in real life and not online.


    It's easy to be all macho & tough while sitting behind a computer screen but remember there is a real person on the other side with real feelings. So make sure you don't end up hurting anyone's feelings while you are so busy trying to be cool & sarcastic. Things like digital bullying also prevail and can severely affect a person's psyche so no swearing or insulting.


    No matter how many friends you have on Facebook or how many followers on Instagram or twitter but the only people who will be there for you during hard times are your real friends. So always make time for your real friends as they are the ones who really matter.


    Terms like Digital Amnesia and Internet Addiction have taken birth due to Social Media. These disorders further get linked with physical & mental incapability like weak memory, insomnia and even depression. Something as simple as long hours of chatting at night can mess up with your sleep pattern as well.


    Don't let negative comments to your pictures, statuses or no likes at all change how you feel about yourself | This one is especially important to teach our girls. There's this whole secret online code between mean girls and we have to remind our daughters who they are doesn't change because of how people see them.


    There are lots of cons out there trying to fish some innocent person and lure them right into their traps. These so called online thugs can be anyone from a woman, a man or even a child. You never know the person you are talking to is not actually some 18 yr old boy but a 40 yr old creep. So, just beware!


    It takes years & years of hard work, dedication and discipline to build a reputation for yourself but only a click to destroy it. Be very careful & cautious while uploading any kind of content online, be it the photos from last night's party or a prank video about your friend and even those aggression fuelled written posts. As these things can negatively reflect on your personality & even haunt you for years to come, forcing people to make a bad judgement about you.


    Take a day off! Go see the real world, meet real friends & play in an actually play ground. Not only it is refreshing but also necessary as it keeps you fit both mentally & physically by improving our cognitive & motor skills.

    Social media can be a boon if handled correctly and used within certain level of limitations. As adults we need to take full responsibility of our children that they should be able to control this wild beast of social media not the other way round.



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