10 Ways to Boost your Career with Social Media

    In the past decade, social media has taken over urban public life, with substantial effects on the population in general. While most of us think social media just leads to time wastage but in fact, it is quite an invaluable tool in our lives.

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    Here are the top 10 ideas in which social media can help give you the much-needed boost in your professional career.


    While most may write off LinkedIn due to its inability to cope up with the times, the fact that MS just bought them off for multiple billion dollars is something that we can't ignore.

    The website has a lot of impact in the professional industires and recruiters keep a lookout for suitable candidates. Sharpen up your LinkedIn skills and get a detailed resume up.


    Through personalized social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it is easier than ever to find and contact the experts in your industry.

    Get in touch with some of the well-known individuals and try to meet them if possible. You could definitely get a few tips to boost your stagnant career.


    Checking out LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages about the companies that you want to work for. They might have probably posted some job openings on these platforms and becoming a first mover could give you an advantage to finally work with them. You can also see what you can learn about the company culture from these pages.


    Apart from constantly surfing their pages, you could also find vacant jobs in other firms via portals like Facebook and LinkedIn. Recruiters frequently post jobs onto these portals for a wider coverage.

    Using certain keywords and hashtags could even help you limit the search to specific fields and industries.


    The people you work with the entire day interact with you a lot. But, do you actually know them that well? With social media, you can keep a check on their posts and photos to try and learn about the personalities and characteristics of your colleagues.

    You could even make a separate Twitter or FB group to get together the thoughts of these people.


    Social media is a recent trend and not many of previous milleniums are aware of its usage. Understanding the working of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and getting a good following could actually create a certain identity for your position in the company.

    The marketing team could consult you on digital media strategies, giving you the much-needed brownie points.


    A lot more than your current job, you could get onto social media and create, for yourselves, a personal blog or YouTube channel and showcase your writing, videography or editing skills.

    Try posting some content on self-hosted platforms like Medium, Facebook and YouTube and work your magic.


    There are a lot of specialized accounts on social media and focus on posting career advice, job openings and tips for boosting your career.

    You could try following them because some advice didn't hurt nobody.


    All of your posts, relations and active editing eventually pull together to create a social profile that shows you're a skilled and interesting individual.

    Potential clients and employers will appreciate your professionalism, they recognize your face and they remember who you are. Your chances to get hired just went up.


    Whichever social network platform suits you most, curating content for your expertise is a perfect way to showcase what you know and care about.

    10 Ways to Boost your Career with Social Media

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