5 Questions to ask yourself before you comment online?

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The Comments section reveals a lot. One can know a lot by taking a peek at the comments section. Its necessary to weigh the facts before you make indecent or inflammatory comments on any issue. This can be something related to personal life or may be a political issues that you have strong opinions on. The comments sections is also a very abused section as people often hurl abuses in the comments section. We look at five things you should consider before a leave a comment in the comments section on any website. This includes comments on News Websites, YouTube as well as on Facebook.

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Does the comment really represent my views

Sometimes leaving a comment is not really all that cool like it sounds. Sometimes you are only reflecting the views of the a number of people who have already left a comment in the comments section. May you are not knowledgeable enough to comment on the topic. May be you should keep quiet about it.

Am I reading Satire?

The article you are reading could be satire. It could be a funny write up may be about something that matters to you, but remember it was made poke fun at it. This could be a YouTube Video, a Facebook Post or anything

Is my comment offensive

It is necessary to note comments can be offensive to an extent, but making some offensive comments can make the authorities take action against you.People have even landed in jail for comments they made against another person. This could include remarks made against race or gender.

Should i just go out and have a Cool Drink ?

May be you just go and need to have a Cool drink.May be try a bottle of Pepsi, Coke or anything that you like to eat or drink.

Has someone already expressed my opinion

Somebody in the comments section may have already expressed your opinion. So it is not necessary to state the point again.

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