7 Facebook Search tips to find what you want

Follow these simple 7 steps to search on Facebook.

By GizBot Bureau

The number of pages and additional functionalities that are now available on it has proved just how much Facebook has evolved and branched since its conception, it is hard to keep track of all the information that is available out there.

7 Facebook Search tips to find what you want


Searching for something will give you so much information that it feels much easier to just give up and move on to something else instead of investing the time to hunt down exactly what you’re looking for. If you have often found yourself in this position, going through the list given below will help you understand things a little bit better.

Let’s start with the basics

You only have to enter your keyword in order to find what you're looking for and to obtain a list. The results are organized in by category and the order that they appear in will depend completely on the query that you have entered.

A general title might list a store nearby while a name will show the people who have that name starting from the ones on your friends list.

Scrolling further down will show results from public posts, groups, pages, photos, videos and more.

Facebook Search Filters

You have a number of filters available to you on the left-hand side which you can make use of in order to narrow it down. The five filters that are available to you are:

1) Posts from

2) Post type

3) Posted in group

4) Tagged location

5) Date posted

The things that your friends have liked

The things that your friends have liked

If you have a question you need to ask about a place you wish to try out or if you're curious to see who else supports your favorite football team, you can find out who else has liked a particular page you love, it's quite easy to find out.

All you need to do is type Friends who have liked [subject] and then hit Enter. Facebook often lumps together the top picks as a result, if you wish to see more, you will need to click on See all.

Find Photos and Videos that have been like through other people

Finding out the pages that a person on your friend list has liked or anyone (like a celebrity) who have made their information public is quite easy.

If you feel uncomfortable with the fact that someone can find out details about you that you do not wish was public, you need to take a look at Facebook's privacy settings.

But if you do not have evil intentions in your heart, it can be a great way to find pictures from events, parties and family gatherings that you may not have looked at closely.

You can type something like Photos like by [name] and then click Enter or if you happen to know a person's name, you can type in something like Photos liked by my girlfriend or Photos liked by my brother as long as Facebook is aware of the connection.

Find the videos and photos of an Event or a place within a specific time frame.

You'll be able to look for photos and videos of events or locations by narrowing down your search to a specific time frame.

You can search for pictures of a band's performance at a particular place will reveal a lot of pictures that have been taken.

Nearby places that are serving your favorite food

You will be able to type [Type of food] nearby in order to get a list of all the restaurants and takeaways that serve or deliver it.

You can replace nearby with the name of a city if you wish to plan your trip in advance.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is a great platform that has become the best way for people to buy and sell things. You need to enter the Marketplace by clicking on the link that is available on the left-hand panel and then enter your search term and press Enter and then use the filters that are available in order to narrow down your list.

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